The Inflite story today can trace it origins back to 1919 when the current owners grandfather William (Bill Stephens) founded Victoria Welding (VW) in Stratford, London – during the war assisting the MOD direct with the manufacture of fighter fuselage sections and then later working with Marconi on the TV aerial at Crystal Palace. The current owner formed Yewlands Engineering in 1969 and developed working partnerships with Plessey on the MK4 torpedo, Westland’s Helicopters on the Lynx undercarriage and main rotor head, along with British Aerospace on the Tornado fighter aircraft.

From the early 1980’s, the company under the original name of H.E. Ltd gained an envious reputation with the manufacture of complex spares, repairs and production items as well as leading the way with Titanium hot forming and welding. From full duct manufacture including tooling and lagging, customers began to realize that this company was able to develop and produce complex, integrated products that bring value to their businesses. Not only the ability, but the willingness to take on complex hard metal details and assemblies help develop the company and its portfolio of capabilities – stretch forming, drop hammer, fusion and resistance welding, CNC pipe bending, NDT incl x-ray.

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