Aerospace Surface Treatments has been supporting the aerospace sector for almost 30 years, initially operating as an in-house facility for H.E. Ltd. In 1996, a multi-million pound investment saw the transformation of the business into what it is today, operating as part of the Inflite group of companies and supporting its own external customer base.


Continual investment in plant and staff has allowed us to gain and maintain approvals to work on some of the largest Aerospace projects of the prime manufacturers such as BAE, Airbus and Cobham. In addition to our prime approvals, we hold NADCAP approval for both chemical processing and Non-destructive testing, as well as the standard quality management systems approvals AS 9100 and ISO9001. This enables us to be a complete one-stop service for our customers giving faster turnarounds at a competitive price with a high quality rating. There is a large scope of processes available on Aluminium, Steel and Titanium.

Non Destructive Testing

Penetrate Flaw Detect – Water Washable and Post Emulsifiable

Hardness Testing – Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell and Vickers

Conductivity Testing – Eddie Current

Anodize Flaw Detect / Partial Material Affection

Wet Chemical Processing

Pre Penetration Etching – Alkaline and Acidic processes

Chromic, Tartaric/Sulfuric (TSA) and Sulfuric Acid Anodize – Dichromate and Hot Water Seal

Chromate Conversion Coating – Coloured and Clear

Cleaning and Pickling – Stainless Steel, Titanium and Aluminium

Alumina Vacu Blasting

Spray Paint – Full range of technologies applied, supported by a large masking/preparation department with onsite die cutting available.

Part Identification – Vibro / Tag and Ink capabilities including Lacquer

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